clarityTAX is provided in conjunction with Riches & Company, an experienced three-partner practice of chartered accountants and business advisers with offices in Surrey, London and Dubai.

Personal tax planning service

Dealing with your personal tax affairs can be complicated, time consuming and stressful. Our personal tax planning service can provide you with advice on:

  • Income tax
  • Trust and estates
  • Capital gains tax
  • Inheritance tax

Expert tax planning can significantly reduce your exposure to taxation - saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

Business start-up and planning service

Starting-up can be the most enjoyable aspect of running a business, but it can also be the most challenging period.

You may have a great new idea for a business, but researching its viability is crucial. There are many decisions you need to take before you embark on the journey of starting up your business.

Whether you are working from home, trading over the internet, setting up a shop or running an office, it is important to create a formal business plan.

To prepare a useful business plan you need to:

  • understand your market
  • know your competition
  • forecast your potential profit

Getting help and advice with your business plan can be very beneficial. When you are enthusiastic about a new venture, it can be difficult to remain realistic and consider all the factors that will affect your business. We can share our extensive experience, gained through working with many businesses, so that you can consider all the factors you need to know.

Non-UK entrepreneurs will find the advice of a UK accountant particularly helpful in identifying aspects of UK trading which are outside of their previous experience. Riches & Company have many years’ experience of helping both foreign entrepreneurs starting and managing UK businesses, and UK entrepreneurs trading in overseas markets.

Statutory accounts and audit service

All UK registered companies are obliged to prepare statutory annual accounts in the format required by company law. Our cutting-edge accounts preparation software can quickly and economically produce statutory accounts from a trial balance and a small database of other information.

In some cases, your company may also require an audit, which is essentially a verification process of your accounts. Many clients see this as an imposition with no benefit to themselves. We’ve designed our audit procedures so that the process becomes a useful tool for improving your business management and information.

Management accounts and bookkeeping

A successfully run business needs to keep on top of all the legal documents and returns that must be completed on a regular basis. Accurate bookkeeping is at the heart of a well-run business. It is a legal requirement to keep up-to-date accounting records which reflect the transactions and state of affairs of the company. From a practical point of view, a successful business will use the reports provided by the company's books in their decision-making processes. We can help you develop and implement efficient and meaningful bookkeeping systems either electronically or manually. For some clients, we actually maintain those records and provide timely, clear reports.

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