Spring Budget 2017: A summary of the key financial planning points (infographic)

Another mercifully quiet budget for financial planning. These calm waters provide a good opportunity to review the previously announced changes, due to come into force from April. In a world of ever-shrinking tax breaks, it is important to make full use of those that remain available.

10/03/2017 11:38:40
clarity buy list update - March 2017
The clarity investment committee has made changes to our buy list.
07/03/2017 16:22:08
Pensions for higher earners: The tapered annual allowance 2016/17

In April 2016, new rules came into force that significantly limit the amount higher earners can contribute to a pension in a tax-efficient manner. For most people, the annual allowance is currently the higher of £40,000 or 100% of your earnings. However, for those who are 'higher earners' this figure can be severely tapered, down to a minimum of £10,000.

24/02/2017 13:58:23
EIS and SEIS investment opportunities 2017

Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS) both offer significant tax reliefs in order to encourage investment in smaller companies.

21/02/2017 15:44:04
Individual Protection 2014: Registration Deadline Approaching
Individual Protection 2014 (IP14) is available for anyone whose total pension benefits were valued over £1.25million as at 6 April 2014, and enables a personal, protected Lifetime Allowance (LTA) of up to £1.5million. The current LTA is £1million, so IP14 offers potential value of up to £275,000 for those eligible*.
21/02/2017 15:37:36
Venture capital trust (VCT) investment options 2017
VCTs offer significant tax reliefs to individuals who are prepared to invest indirectly in a range of unquoted smaller, higher-risk trading companies. As we approach the end of the tax year, VCTs can offer valuable tax-planning opportunities in the right circumstances. They are, however, considered very high-risk investments and are therefore not suitable for everyone.
21/02/2017 15:31:00
Investment outlook for 2017

2016 was a very surprising year for investors in a number of ways. The investment markets and wider economy failed to
respond to the unexpected outcome of the EU referendum in the way most people had assumed they would. So far, the
response to the equally surprising election of Donald Trump has been for the FTSE100 to reach an all-time high in
excess of 7,200.

13/01/2017 05:26:03
Autumn Statement 2016: a reminder of the key financial planning announcements

The recent Autumn Statement was ostensibly quiet on the financial planning front. However, there were some important
points hidden in the detail.

07/12/2016 01:00:12
Ofcom plans instant payback for broadband woes Landline and broadband customers who suffer poor service could get automatic payouts under Ofcom plans. 24/03/2017 11:22:16
Deutsche Bank commits to new London office Germany's biggest bank says the new office "underlines its commitment" to the City of London. 24/03/2017 09:49:11
Co-op Bank sale plan attracts suitors The beleaguered bank says a number of "credible" parties have expressed interest in buying it. 24/03/2017 09:52:14
Eurozone growth nears six-year high, survey data suggests Growth in France and Germany help the bloc's economic recovery "surge higher", a survey says. 24/03/2017 11:54:15
Call for 'decently paid' maternity leave The TUC says UK mothers may get a reasonable amount of maternity leave but get a poorer deal on pay. 24/03/2017 00:18:17
Robots to affect up to 30% of UK jobs, says PwC Manufacturing and retail jobs are most at risk from automation by the 2030s, a report says. 24/03/2017 08:56:39
UK film industry 'needs government support' after Brexit Extra help is needed if the industry is to survive after Brexit, a senior figure in the sector warns. 24/03/2017 10:29:58
Why Apple's red iPhones are not 'Red' in China Apple's Red iPhone is going on sale, but in China it is doing things a bit differently. Why? 24/03/2017 06:45:31
Juncker warns Trump anti-EU stance risks Balkan war European Commission president delivered admonition to vice-president Mike Pence 24/03/2017 09:31:35
Qatari connection casts long shadow over Barclays The UK bank faces the conclusion of a criminal probe over rescue deals made following the crash 23/03/2017 18:41:08
Police probe connections to Westminster attacker Khalid Masood was born Adrian Russell and had a number of aliases 24/03/2017 10:42:46
Trump ultimatum sets stage for healthcare showdown President warns party members to scrap Obamacare on Friday or risk being stuck with it 24/03/2017 04:28:47
Thames Water business model comes under scrutiny Former regulator blames investor boards for putting profits above customers 23/03/2017 19:22:19
Watchdog relaunches probe into Barclays’ cash call Financial Conduct Authority is re-examining £7.3bn fundraising bank undertook in 2008 23/03/2017 05:00:26
Graduates propel fall in EU workers in Brexit Britain UK starts to lose allure as highly educated Europeans shun banking sector 23/03/2017 00:01:27
Russian MP who turned on Kremlin killed in Kiev Ukraine accuses Moscow of role in attack on witness in Yanukovich treason trial 23/03/2017 16:26:37
This Is How Many Barrels of Oil the 13 OPEC Countries Produced Last Month OPEC continues to control a huge portion of global oil. Here's a look at just how much. 24/03/2017 07:51:00
The Best Low-Interest Credit Cards in March These credit cards feature below-average interest rates -- sometimes even 0% for more than a year -- and can help you save a lot of money if you're carrying (or transferring) a big balance. 24/03/2017 07:47:00
Netflix Will Never Dominate the Streaming Market in China. Here's Why Netflix abandoned plans to enter China in the near term. And that's OK. 24/03/2017 07:41:00
The Best Way to Invest in Mobile Gaming Mobile gaming is a major component of the video-game industry's growth. 24/03/2017 07:39:00
What to Do if You Failed to File Tax Returns Ignoring your taxes won’t make them go away – in fact, it will usually make them considerably worse. 24/03/2017 07:21:00
Is a Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment Plan Right for You? A bi-weekly payment plan can save you money in the long run, but it's not right for everyone. 24/03/2017 07:07:00
Could the Age Tax Sink Your Retirement? Trump's healthcare proposal will hit low-income seniors where it hurts. Here's how it might put your retirement at serious risk. 24/03/2017 06:51:00
Here's What Older Americans Need to Know About the Age Tax Countless seniors will see their health insurance premiums jump if Trump's healthcare plan goes through. 24/03/2017 06:18:00

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