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Welcome to the Investment Buy List

The funds on the clarity buy list are initially shortlisted using a sophisticated statistical filter, which grades funds according to a wide range of investment metrics and ratios. Rigorous fundamental research is then used to identify suitable funds for the buy list. Buy list funds are formally monitored on a regular basis. If a fund passes the filter then the manager/s will usually be interviewed by a member of the clarity investment team before the fund goes onto the buy List.

Our recommended funds

The list is reviewed at least quarterly when all funds are re examined, if a manager changes or there is cause for concern regarding performance then we will meet with the manager again.

The clarity investment process is based upon the belief that asset allocation is the main driver of long term investment performance. Please see the asset allocation research note for more information.

This buy list covers investments in Unit Trusts, OEICs and ISAs.

WARNING - If you are a GROUP client with investment restrictions (such as PwC), please make sure that you are associated with the correct group to see the appropriate buy list. Click here to review your Group Association.

Fund name
Architas Multi Asset Active Reserve Fund0.84% KIID Buy Note
Artemis US Smaller Companies Fund0.87% KIID Buy Note
Aviva Investors Multi-Asset Fund I0.60% KIID Buy Note
Aviva Investors UK Property Feeder Fund0.74% KIID Buy Note
AXA Framlington UK Mid-Cap0.84% KIID Buy Note
Baillie Gifford American0.52%


Buy Note

Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Growth Fund0.78% KIID Buy Note
Baillie Gifford Global Alpha Growth Fund0.59% KIID Buy Note
Baillie Gifford High Yield Bond Fund0.38% KIID Buy Note
Baillie Gifford Japanese Fund0.63% KIID Buy Note
BlackRock Continental European Income Fund0.93% KIID Buy Note
BNY Mellon (Newton) International Bond Fund0.57% KIID Buy Note
BNY Mellon (Newton) Multi-Asset Growth Fund0.67% KIID Buy Note
Brown Advisory US Sustainable Growth0.88%


Buy Note

Fundsmith Equity Fund0.95% KIID Buy Note
HSBC American Index Fund0.06% KIID Buy Note
HSBC European Index Fund0.07% KIID Buy Note
HSBC FTSE All Share Index Fund0.07% KIID Buy Note
HSBC Japan Index Fund0.18% KIID Buy Note
HSBC Pacific Index Fund0.25% KIID Buy Note
Invesco China Equity Fund0.89% KIID Buy Note
Invesco Corporate Bond Fund0.61% KIID Buy Note
Janus Henderson UK Absolute Return Fund1.05% KIID Buy Note
JO Hambro UK Dynamic Fund0.66% KIID Buy Note
Jupiter Distribution Fund0.62% KIID Buy Note
Jupiter European Fund1.03% KIID Buy Note
Jupiter Strategic Bond Fund0.73% KIID Buy Note
L&G UK Property Feeder0.75% KIID Buy Note
Legg Mason Japan Equity Fund1.02% KIID Buy Note
Lindsell Train UK Equity Fund0.68% KIID Buy Note
Liontrust Special Situations Fund0.87% KIID Buy Note
Liontrust Sustainable Future Global Growth0.93% KIID Buy Note
Liontrust Sustainable Future Managed0.91% KIID Buy Note
M&G Corporate Bond Fund0.66% KIID Buy Note
M&G Global Floating Rate High Yield Bond Fund0.83% KIID Buy Note
M&G Index Linked Bond Fund0.56% KIID Buy Note
Marlborough Multi-Cap Income Fund0.78% KIID Buy Note
Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Growth Fund0.79% KIID Buy Note
Merian Asia Pacific Fund1.00% KIID Buy Note
Miton Cautious Monthly Income Fund0.86% KIID Buy Note
Miton European Opportunities Fund0.84% KIID Buy Note
Pictet Security Fund1.20% KIID Buy Note
Pictet Water Fund1.20% KIID Buy Note
Polar Capital Healthcare Blue Chip Fund1.08% KIID Buy Note
Polar Capital Healthcare Opportunities Fund1.21% KIID Buy Note
Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund0.67% KIID Buy Note
Rathbone Income Fund0.79% KIID Buy Note
Royal London Enhanced Cash Plus Fund0.17% KIID Buy Note
Royal London Sustainable Leaders Trust0.76% KIID Buy Note
Schroder Asian Alpha Plus Fund0.94% KIID Buy Note
Schroder Global Cities Real Estate Fund0.92% KIID Buy Note
Slater Growth Fund0.77% KIID Buy Note
Standard Life Investments Global Smaller Companies Fund1.05% KIID Buy Note
Troy Trojan Income Fund1.02% KIID Buy Note
VT Gravis UK Infrastructure Income Fund0.75% KIID Buy Note

Funds On Hold

This list contains the funds that have been moved from a buy status to a “hold” status. We are no longer recommending clients buy these funds, for various reasons specific to the fund itself and it’s market, but we see no reason at present to recommend these funds be sold.

This list is kept under review, and any changes will be notified in the usual way via our email alert system.

Fund name ISIN
Aberdeen Emerging Markets FundGB0033228197
Artemis Strategic Bond FundGB00B2PLJS27
Invesco Perpetual Monthly Income PlusGB00BJ04JZ25
JP Morgan Natural Resources FundGB00B88MP089
Legal & General European IndexGB0005135081
Legal & General Pacific Index FundGB0005200703
Legal & General UK IndexGB0005141709
Legal & General US Index FundGB0005141923
Standard Life Investments Global REIT FundGB00B7MR5W47