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Impact investing: a beginner’s guide to ESG

Want to know more about sustainable and ethical investing? Watch the recording of our November 2020 webinar to hear from our investment director, Glyn Bolton, and Mike Appleby, sustainable investment manager at Liontrust.

November 24th, 2020

COVID-19: Spotlight on… the mid-year outlook

Our investment director, Glyn Bolton, discusses global equity and bond markets as we enter H2 of an extraordinary year. Glyn also shares his views on two current hot topics; gold and inflation – and why recent stimulus activity won’t necessarily lead to the latter soaring.

Recorded 17 Jul 2020.

COVID-19: Spotlight on investment scandals

In periods of severe economic contraction, financial crime often rears its ugly head. Glyn Bolton talks through three high-profile examples of historic investment scandals, and highlights some common themes to be alert for in the current climate.

Recorded 26 June 2020.

COVID-19: Spotlight on Far East

Glyn Bolton shines the spotlight on the Far East and highlights the broad range of countries it comprises. As well as explaining our preference for active fund management in this region, due to the lack of transparency in many Far Eastern economies, Glyn considers how issues such as COVID-19 and de-globalisation could impact the sector.

Recorded 19 Jun 2020.

COVID-19: Spotlight on UK equities

This week, Glyn Bolton puts UK equities under the spotlight. As well as comparing the four very different UK equity sectors, Glyn outlines our approach to asset allocation and fund selection, and discusses the outlook for the UK in light of key issues such as Brexit, COVID-19 and globalisation.

Recorded 12 June 2020.

COVID-19 market: year to date

Nine weeks on from his first COVID-19 update, Glyn Bolton revisits global markets and discusses how equities, currencies and bonds have performed so far this year. Glyn highlights the impact of currency movements on investment returns, and considers crucial issues such as liquidity and government debt.

Recorded 05 Jun 2020.

COVID-19: Spotlight on specialist funds

Glyn Bolton discusses specialist investments, and highlights the huge variety of funds that make up this sector; security, water, healthcare and infrastructure, to name but a few. Glyn drills down into the holdings of the specialist funds on our buy list and considers the outlook for the relevant industries.

Recorded 29 May 2020.

COVID-19: Spotlight on European equities

Our latest COVID-19 market update focuses on European equities. Glyn Bolton, investment director, discusses how the pandemic has impacted tourism and GDP across the region, the dramatic differences in the individual countries and how our European buy list funds have performed in recent times.

Recorded 22 May 2020.

COVID-19 & bond markets

This week, Glyn Bolton looks at how bond markets have performed through the coronavirus crisis. As well as a quick lesson on bonds and their characteristics, Glyn compares recent performance of the bond funds on our buy list, and gives our view on the outlook for the sector.

Recorded 15 May 2020.

COVID-19: Spotlight on Japan

This week our COVID-19 market update focuses on Japan. Our investment director, Glyn Bolton, looks at the Japanese economy and stock market performance, the Japan funds on our buy list, and the long-term prognosis for the sector.

Recorded 7 May 2020.

COVID-19 & hedge funds

This week’s COVID-19 market update from our investment director, Glyn Bolton, focuses on hedge funds. What they are; who uses them and why; the pros and cons; relative returns through the pandemic so far; and clarity’s stance on this type of alternative investment.

Recorded 1 May 2020.

United States equity market and Covid-19

The latest update from our investment director, Glyn Bolton, focuses on the U.S. market and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. In this recording, Glyn discusses our current weightings, the performance of U.S. clarity buy list funds and how the American economy could be affected going forward.

Recorded 24 April 2020.

COVID-19 & property funds

This week’s update from our investment director, Glyn Bolton, focuses on property funds; most of which have had to suspend trading during the COVID-19 crisis. Glyn also looks at how the sector was behaving in the run up to the pandemic, as well as the outlook for commercial property in a post-coronavirus world.

Recorded 17 April 2020.

COVID-19 market update

Latest update from our investment director, Glyn Bolton, discussing this week’s developments in global markets, economies and currencies. Glyn also looks at how some of the clarity buy list funds have fared through the pandemic so far.

Recorded 9 April 2020.

2020 Bear Market

Our investment director, Glyn Bolton, looks at how global markets behaved in the momentous first quarter of 2020, amidst the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to the recording to hear Glyn talk through recent stock market performance, along with comparisons against previous bear markets, as well as what we might expect to see as the year progresses.

Recorded 3 April 2020.

Spotlight on liquidity

A short session from our investment director, Glyn Bolton, talking through the crucial element of liquidity in an investment portfolio. The recent ‘fall from grace’ of renowned fund manager, Neil Woodford, was ultimately due to liquidity issues. Along with unlisted investments, property funds and bond funds can also suffer from lack of liquidity. Listen to Glyn talk through a few examples to understand more.

Recorded 28 June 2019.

Investments Unveiled

This short, jargon-busting webinar is designed to provide insight and practical guidance to help you gain a clearer picture of how your investments work: a summary of the main types of investment and asset classes our views on the active vs passive debate and what makes an 'efficient market' how the different types of charges work and which are the important figures for you to consider.

November 8th, 2018

The rise of index-tracking funds

This webinar session, delivered by clarity's investment director, Glyn Bolton, covered: how index-tracking and active fund management approaches compare and contrast why index-tracking has gained in popularity over recent years which markets are 'efficient' and therefore best suited for index-tracking.

November 9th, 2017

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